Tuesday, August 28, 2007


On the year of our Lord 1977, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, a child was born, her parents decided to call her Regine (LOL!!!!). After six years in Haiti, her family decided to move to Miami, Florida (Dade County Baby, 305!!!!!!).

She graduated from high school and went on to receive her AA and her Bachelors Degree in Social Work. She is currently working on her Masters Degree in Performance and Training Technology at the University of Northern Iowa

Her greatest accomplishment and most precious work of art is her beautiful daughter Erica (lol, can you tell I love my baby)

She has two younger sister and have no need and never wanted a brother (for what!!!!)
She also has the cutest nephew you have ever seen. (Watch out ladies, he is a heart breaker, purrrrrrr!)

Her best friends in the whole world are her cousin Claudel and her mother, whom she shares everything with, well almost everything.

Oh and did I forget to mention her Faith is also important to her....like many Christian she has falling but understands that her Savior allows her to repent and forgives the fact that she has and will make stupid mistakes. She is proud to say that she is taking strides to make sure she lives in His will by being an example to others around her.

She is not perfect and never said she was and those that know her very well except her for who she is and don't try to change or make her out to be someone she is not and never will be. As stated clearly by Mary J. Bliege..."take me as I am or have nothing at all"

This will end her introductory blog...hope you learned a little something about Her...

p.s. it's fun to talk about yourself in third person (lol)

My baby and My nephew