Monday, December 3, 2007

Online Collaboration & Wiki

This past Tuesday Derek, Sarah and Lois presented on Online Collaboration and Wikis. Their presentation came with several activities we had to accomplish. There was an email sent to the class with the directions/steps we were to follow before, during and after class.

When we got to class we were broken up in groups and sent to different parts of our building to begin our online collaboration. To do this we used Google Groups. Setting up the groups account was the easy part. The difficult part came into play when we had to actually collaborate. Google Groups was suppose to work like Google Docs, yeah right! The biggest problem was trying to update the information at the same time. What happened was if I was typing it would lock my group members out and they would have to wait and vice versa. It worked out okay for my group because we had different parts to do for the assignment that if one was locked out of one page then the others will work on the second or third part of the assignment.

My feeling about this would be a good tool to use but because of so many issues (technical) it would take the fun and the purpose out of the assignment.

I was also HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! we did not have to use a wiki. I have a strong dislike of wikis. I just have so much trouble working with something so simple that it frustrates me. So thank you for keeping it the way you did

Good presentations, fun activities...great job!